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You guys are going to hate me..

Now I’ve made another blog for my team, and I’m going to be updating that more often. You can get to it here:


I really can’t find a use for this blog anymore. I guess I can use it more as a test than anything else..

So if you want my latest progress, get on that blog


Good news- ported AOKP.

I just ported AOKP and am now going to build it with Leslies Server. Let’s see where this gets us. For anyone that wants to know- IT’S AWESOME!

I moved on from blogger because I generally like the customizability on wordpress. It’s catches my attention, lol. So, welcome! I’m getting used to the whole concept, so bear with me! You’ll probably see this as a little old because I’m going to get it ready before I release it to the public