My name is Gannon Macdonald.

I go by gannon5197 on the forums of AC, XDA, AF and occasionally even RootzWiki and I’ve just recently started development for the Optimus V and have been somewhat inducted into the IHO team (Inferior Human Organs)

I used to have a bit of trouble keeping up, but now I regularly manage ~4 projects at the same time.

I am interested in taking in team members, if anybody would like to be some. I know I can do all these projects, it’s just keeping the same amount of attention on each ROM gets a little annoying. If you would like to contact me about this, please do on my email: But have a little knowledge on android and building ROMs please 🙂

I am known for being quite the young kid. I’m 14, as a matter of fact. But don’t let that make you think I’m any more inexperienced, because that has no affect on me 🙂

Stick around for a while. Get used to the blog, even consider donating to help fund my projects and keep me interested in the Optimus V and my projects.

To donate, go here: